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Simeón Ruiz Romero

Date of birth

13 July 1987

Birth place

Ventas de Zafarraya, Granada, Spain

Current location

Granada, Spain


Master degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering

A bit of biography…

My town, Ventas de Zafarraya

I was born in Granada (Spain) on July 13th, 1987 and I spent my childhood in a little town called Ventas de Zafarraya in the southern Spain. With the typicals worries of a kid, I went to the school until my 14 years old.

Then, I moved to Granada City, where I spent the next 4 years in a hall of residence, studying secondary and high school in the science and technology field at Ave María Casa Madre.

Mole antonelliana in Torino (Italy)

In 2005 , I started my degree of Computer Science and Software Engineering at University of Granada, where I  knew great people and specially great friends, with whom I have worked always having fun. Meanwhile, I spent a year abroad in the Politecnico di Torino (Italy), from September 2010 to July 2011.

In that last stage I learnt a lot, I discovered new hobbies and learnt that every work always has its reward, and if I work with friends it can be really funny.

Nowadays, I am a young engineer looking for new opportunities  and a new place where to continue this biography, traveling and visiting new countries, because the world is very large and there is much to discover.


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