Interests & Hobbies

I am a very active person and I do not like to be still. So that is the reason because I have a lot of hobbies, most of them, sports.Me and my bike

I like very much cycling and I spend a lot of my free time improving my mountain bike. I love to bike routes with my friends, mountain and road, day and night because I think is a very healthy way for spend free time.

Other of my favourite hobbies is swimming. I am not as good as I would like, but in winter, when the weather is too cold or wet to bike, I like to go to swimming pool and to swim for an hour. Those days, when I swim after work, I sleep like a baby.

But, what is a software engineer that loves sports?? The answer is, Yes, I have geek hobbies too.

Alex's computer finishedOne of them is to purchase and to assemble computers. When one friend call to me to ask I help him to buy and assemble computer parts, I enjoy as a child, because I love to “play” with any gadget or computer part, and is much better when the devices are unknown for me, because allows me to investigate and to learn.

And because I am a real person, geek but real, there are some days when I do not want to going out at all. Those days is time to World of Warcraft!! The only PC Game I really like.

My orc

For the rest, I like to watch films, preferably science fiction, and I do not like at all to watch TV. To travel is another of my passions but I only can do that once or twice a year, because is an expensive hobby…

And that is all about my entertainment time; if you want to share a hobby with me, going to bike or maybe fight in Azeroth (in World of Warcraft, obviously), I will be glad to join to you!

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